Comparing Brake Pads with Brake Pads. “Which ones do I buy?”

Making a decision on which pads to buy comes down to understanding a little about formula’s and the rigid testing involved. We decided to test a leading brand in the Australasian market against our Royale branded ceramic disc pads. The results were amazing!

Royale uses an “OE” formula disc pad that undergoes vigorous testing to ensure safe braking, even in extreme circumstances. The pads are tested firstly for hardness, secondly for sheer force, which is where the pad meets the backing steel plate. Thirdly the pads are tested for the % of remaining formula left on the backing plate and the final test is to measure the density of the remaining pad. They are also tested for fade through various temperatures and the recovery time it takes to regain the pads efficiency. Royale outperformed the competitors pad in every test which proves that the Royale “OE” formula brake pad is a far superior formula.

Royale Brakes are by far the best value for money in the market for both ceramic’s and heavy duty examples. Royale belongs to SAS Autoparts and we are proud to present this fantastic “OE” formula pad to the Australasian market.

For a “Royale Braking” experience make sure you fit the HRF6382 “OE” formula, you will be assured the latest technology in Ceramic’s and your customers will enjoy a trustworthy and reliable brake pad that out performs any other brake pads in the market today.

Why would you not fit the best?