Are your customers dangerously overloaded?

So your tough-looking work ute or van looks the part. But does it act it? Adding a front bull bar, set of large diameter wheels and/or tyres plus a canopy or hard lid etc. is all very well. But with you, a workmate and a tray full of tools, your pride and joy could be dangerously overloaded. The reason is that the payload (the maximum load your vehicle is legally designed to carry, calculated by subtracting the kerb mass from the gross vehicle mass) is often less than 1000kgs.

Add up the weight of a front bar, canopy or load lid, aftermarket wheels and tyres plus fully laden tool boxes and at least one (but often up to four) 100kg+ occupants, and you will have used up most of that payload before adding the first bag of cement or sheet of Gib. Seriously. It’s a major problem and one – as more and more utes, vans and 4WDs are sold – which is only going to get worse.

Fortunately, Auckland-based suspension specialist SAS Autoparts has a solution, one it is willing to share.

The long-established family-run business has partnered with leading Australian suspension specialist Pedders to import and exclusively distribute Pedders’ new GVM + suspension upgrade kits here.

Developed with operators of constantly loaded light utility vehicles in mind the kits contain everything you need to increase the payload of a range of popular utes (both wellside and cab/chassis with deck) by up to 700kgs.

The kits, which are approved by all relevant authorities in New Zealand and Australia, comprise new, heavy-duty front struts and coil springs, new rear leaf springs and shock absorbers, plus all the necessary bolts and bushes, and when fitted by an approved installer come complete with a two-year/40,000km Pedders' warranty and a compliance plate.

Codie Banks of SAS Autoparts says the GVM+ Kits are proving very popular across the Tasman and he says that once a network of approved installers is set up, the same will be true here.

“Buyers – be they tradies, recreational users, or fleet operators - are asking more and more of their vehicles, particularly their utes. By and large the manufacturers are delivering, hence why they are so popular, but like everything there are limits, which a lot of people are finding, even in everyday use.

“What we’re saying is hey guys, we get it, here’s a product tailor-made to help you get the most out of the ute or van which you are regularly overloading to the point of being illegal but which is otherwise doing the job for you.”

For more information contact Codie Banks at SAS Autoparts by telephone on 0-9-262 3684 of email at [email protected]